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Hi, I'm Justina. I specialize in braiding at Hair Youniversity. My interest in braiding started at a young age when I began braiding my own hair and the hair of my family and friends. 

In 2019 I attended and graduated from beauty school for esthetics, but quickly realized that my true passion was in braiding which eventually lead me to Hair Youniversity.

I pride myself on neat parting, perfectionism, and not braiding too tightly (we've all been there before), while still being able to complete each client in a timely manner.

Thank you for learning more about me. I look forward to working with you on your next braided style!


Client Testimonials


"The Braiding services at Hair Youniversity are great! I love having Justina braid my hair, she is very timely and neat! The two things everyone wants out of their braiding service."

- Jamellia L.


Justina is one of the best braiders in the town! Normally, when getting braids, you’re expecting for it to be an all day thing but she gets you in and out and I love it. My braids always last and I don’t feel too much tension. I’m only going to her for my braided styles!

- Asia R.


Justina is a wonderful braider. She doesn’t braid too tight and is wonderfully neat with her braiding, plus she works swiftly! Amazing work!

- Symone M.


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